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Media Room

Chicago - Unsafe Window Tickets Up 28%

Posted: 04/07/17

The City Reminds Landlords that 'Kids Can't Fly'


Global News - Alberta

Posted: 04/07/17

23 Alberta kids have fallen from windows and balconies this year: AHS


Paramedics provide advice to parents to help prevent falls from open windows

Posted: 20/04/17

Emergency responders are urging parents to take precautions after two children were injured on the weekend when they fell from a window onto the concrete sidewalk below.


Window and Balcony Safety committee -

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It is difficult to hear news of a child getting injured or killed falling out of a window or balcony. The heartache that must be felt by that child's parents and friends is unimaginable. If you have ever been worried about the safety of your own children around windows, balconies and decks you are not alone...

Most of these tragic falls are PREVENTABLE.

Welcome to Partners Promoting Window and Balcony Safety! This website is designed to help parents and caregivers prevent injuries related to falls from windows, balconies and decks.


Learn about the risks associated with windows, balconies and decks, and what you can do to minimize them.
Visit Kid's Room and help your children learn how to stay safe.


Find out why supervision is the key to keeping children safe. This is important for ALL caregivers including grandparents, babysitters, older siblings and relatives.

Safety Devices...

SafeGard™ - Window Opening Control Device by Truth Hardware

Familiarize yourself with what these devices can do to help restrict children's access to potentially dangerous areas.

Check out this new safety device

SafeGard™ - Window Opening Control Device by Amesbury Truth™



Safety Sticker Order Form

Safety Sticker Order Form

To help educate children window safety safety stickers are available. Download the sticker order form for more information.
 Safety Sticker Order Form (93 KB)


Safety Brochure