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Chicago - Unsafe Window Tickets Up 28%

Posted: 04/07/17

The City Reminds Landlords that 'Kids Can't Fly'

Global News - Alberta

Posted: 04/07/17

23 Alberta kids have fallen from windows and balconies this year: AHS

Paramedics provide advice to parents to help prevent falls from open windows

Posted: 20/04/17

Emergency responders are urging parents to take precautions after two children were injured on the weekend when they fell from a window onto the concrete sidewalk below.

Toddler survives 3-story fall out window in St. Joseph, Minn.

Posted: 07/10/15


Toddler falls from 2nd floor window

Posted: 27/07/15

Father breaks son's fall from 3rd floor window

Posted: 27/07/15

Child falls from bunk bed & thru the window

Posted: 27/07/15

5-yr old falls from third storey window

Posted: 27/07/15

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